Monday, August 25, 2008

Let This Be a Lesson to Them

Those Typo Eradication guys needed this advice from Miss Manners--which oddly enough came 
on Wednesday, August 20, two days before the news hit about the sentencing of the Eradicators.

(Miss Manners writes for the Washington Post; s'pose she knew they were on trial?)

. . . neither of us can run around insulting people, which is what an amazing number of people do when they detect errors, little thinking that they are committing worse errors in so doing.

This applies to correcting individuals, however, not institutions. So you may inform those in authority to act (which the salesperson you approached probably was not) on mistakes of which you sympathetically know they would want to be aware


Editrix said...

Edit unto others as you would have others edit unto you?

Anonymous said...

If anyone was up for a blog, it was you. I found your blog through the gardenweb organizing forum. I always try to get organized around this time of year and there was the link. This is wonderful to be able to catch up. I'm so glad I found you again.