Thursday, August 07, 2008

An Eggcorn--on My Territory

I love eggcorns--some of them are better than the original turn of phrase.

Today, one hit my desk, in first proof, no less!

"Most weddings come with a healthy dollop of tense exchanges and awkward moments.... Diffusing these conflicts with grace is a must."

OK, setting aside the question of whether tense exchange are ever healthy, look at "diffuse."

Here's why I love eggcorns--good ones make perfect sense!

But of course, the idiomatic term is "defusing these conflicts"--and perhaps it's still the better term, bcs if you defuse them, you can stop them from blowing up in the first place. Diffusing them simply lessens the stinkiness.


chris said...

Yep, we've got that one:


TootsNYC said...

Hi, Chris!

I knew that one was in the Eggcorn Database, and I've heard of it before.

I was just shocked to discover that it had crept past my border guards and into my realm.

I mean, I'm the 4th tier. 1st in the author, 2nd the line editor, 3rd the top editor, and 4th the copyeditor. I don't know who introduced it, but any one of those people could have known (and the copyeditor *should* have known) it wasn't the right idiom.

But that's one of the oddities about eggcorns; people who have them believe them so firmly. It never occurs to them that they don't know; they don't feel unsure.